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I was at the local gun show and I saw your booth. I thought oh yeah here we go again another cleaner that claims to be the end all and be all of cleaners. The people at the booth were nice, young and hip. So I thought if anyone wanted to be kind to the environment they would. I was with a friend who has been around guns for a long time and they explained to him that it has a nice fresh odor. He mentioned that his girlfriend would be happy because she hates the smell when he cleans his guns so he purchased a bottle. I thought well if he purchased a bottle, it must have some benefit. In the back of my head I was thinking, "if its good for the environment then it cant clean that good", I was completely surprised and boy was I wrong. I cant believe how clean my guns are.

I have a XD9 and a recently purchased SW1911. I was very skeptical on using it on the 1911 but it actually conditions the gun as its cleaning it without leaving a residue like the other cleaners. And an added benefit to using your cleaner is that my eyes don’t water because there are no harsh chemicals in it. Thank you for a great product.

Ray Cruz

I love this stuff! There are some very harsh chemicals out there for firearms cleaning, I love that its biodegradable, no worries about it on my hands.

Joe R-

This is better than most products I have used. I disassemble my pistols after shooting, lay the parts out and spray everything down real good and let it stand for up to 1/2 hour. Come back and use a mild hair type brush then rinse in warm water and force air dry. I find the product to bead all water. I use this product at least once a week, I like it because it is biodegradable and I would recommend this product to others.

James Sofchek