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I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product by inventing “Gun Werkz” gun cleaning fluid. Without a doubt this is the best cleaning fluid that I have ever used. I have been hunting and shooting for sixty years and have tried every product that hit the market. Nothing can compare.
P.S. My wife even lets me clean my guns inside the house now!

Chris Warwick

I stopped by you booth at the Ontario gun show and told you that you would hear back from me and, yes, you were right. I am yet to find a better cleaner than your product.
I tried your sample and I was amazed at the clean, non disgusting odor, then I tried the product on my competition pistol and enjoyed the quick cleaning power of it. I am only sorry I did not buy it right there. I can finally change from all the other cleaning products I have used all my shooting life.
Congratulations on your formula as I wish you much success with your branded products.
Cheers, JC

Jorge Camacho

just tried your product and glad to report that it cuts plastic wad residue and lead in shotgun barrels many times faster than the product I had been using . We have a 28 gauge that is notorious for plastic build up and frankly we dont clean like we should because of it so we tried your product on it today and man oh man what a difference .Thanks Guys

Doug Helton